TOP29+ When Was The Happy Birthday Song Written Pics

TOP29+ When Was The Happy Birthday Song Written
. Here are 10 facts on the song and its origin. And despite its ubiquity, its owners have been able to charge royalties for those who sing it for.

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And why did they do so? Happy birthday to you appeared in print in 1912 for the first time, but experts and historians estimate the song was created. It was sung by apollo ix astronauts on march 8th, 1969.

Sing me happy birthday, happy birthday, like it's going to be, going to be your last day.

It is often said the song is credited to patty and mildred hill, two sisters and educators from louisville, kentucky, who said they wrote the song for schoolchildren in the 1890s. According to the 1998 guinness world records, it is the most recognized song in the english language, followed by for he's a jolly good fellow. Happy birthday to you is often sung in english even by people that speak little or no english. But did you know it was copyrighted?

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